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That you are an authorized individual affiliated with the Legal Entity applying for this Service and you have provided the name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number (or Passport or other similar information for non- US persons) for the Beneficial Owner(s) of the Legal Entity applying for this Service. For the purpose of this registration, a Beneficial Owner is an individual, if any who owns, directly or indirectly 20 percent (per Bank’s Policy) or more of the equity interests of the Legal Entity customer, or an Individual with significant responsibility for managing the Legal Entity customer (e.g. CEO, COO, Managing Member, President, Vice President, Treasurer). A Legal Entity includes a corporation, Limited Liability Company, or other entity that is created by filling of a public document with the Secretary of State or similar office, a general partnership, and any similar business entity formed in the United States or foreign country.

That you have provided your consent allowing the Bank to perform due diligence which may include no less that the following; 1)Validating the identity of the legal entity including the Beneficial Owner(s), 2) Performing a credit check on the Beneficial Owner(s), and 3) Originating a small dollar ACH transaction to your funding account.

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